RH & Temp Transmitter:

The new HygroFlex series is the latest development in HVAC transmitters for relative humidity, temperature and dew point. Based on AirChip3000 technology, the transmitters offer high accuracy at a low cost.

HygroMaxx transmitters use CMOS-Sens technology making the measurement more precise as the fusion of sensors and evaulation circuitry on one CMOS chip guarantees that the sensitive analog sensor signals can be amplified and digitized without noise. This design also allows for very short response times, low power consumption, high repeatability and offset stability.

A large display allows for easy viewing of the data. An intuitive menu on the device allows for easy setup. Based on whether the device will be installed in a room or a duct, a choice of 3 models are available. An integrated dip switch allows for the analog output to be switched from current to voltage or vice versa.