CleanRoom Fogger:

The CleanRoom Fogger™ is a DI Water Fogger designed for low cost, easy to use visualization of airflow and turbulence with on/off fog control in Pharmaceutical ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 9 areas, barrier isolators, Semiconductor clean rooms and around equipment. Fog visibility distance is based on airflow velocity and humidity around the fog. DI Water Foggers produce a 65 degree, visible vapor composed of microscopic DI water droplets (fog) at 8-10μm droplet size. The fog is as clean as the DI Water or WFI Water used. 16 Meg Ohm DI water is typical Di Water used, or you can use Distilled WFI Pharmacy water. The fogger cost is kept low for budget requirements. Ultrasonic transducers convert liquid directly to droplets.Low water sensors protect the transducers during operation. Also provided is a visible fill level indicator so the operator fills water to proper level for 60 minute operation. The CleanRoom Fogger enclosure is produced with a polypropylene material to provide a quick, easy wipe down of the fogger after use, while preventing fingerprints as encountered on instruments using SS enclosures. A handle is provided on top to provide easy carry of the fogger.


  • Pharmaceutical USP 797 & Semiconductor Applications
  • Polypropylene Enclosure: No Fingerprints as with SS, Easy to Clean
  • Create Fog with Di Water or Distilled WFI Water
  • Video Airflow Patterns, Air Migration and Turbulence
  • Use in Pharmaceutical Barrier Isolators, Glove Boxes & ISO 5 areas
  • Visualize Semiconductor Clean Room Pressure / Turbulence Issues
  • 6cfm of Fog for 60 Minutes Operation, Refill and Continue Fogging
  • Fill Level Indicator and Water Drain
  • Top Holding Handle Provides Convenient Carry of Fogger
  • Fog Curtain Tube, Optional to create a Fog Wall
  • Low Water Sensors for Transducer Protection