RH & Temp Datalogger:

The long term recording of humidity and temperature conidtions is very important in storage, shipping, production processes, test facilities and many other areas. Once logged, the temperature and humidity data can be evaluated statistically. This provides valuable information on conditions that can have an influence on people, materials and objects.

The data loggers fulfil the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 4. They have a degree of functionality currently not achieved by any other logger while being highly accurate and easy to use. Data can be shown in graph or table form. A large range of interchangeable probes means simple maintenance and flexibility in different applications, and loggers are available in range configurations to suit most uses.

Data logger is a network-compatible 4-channel unit that has been designed for applications that require continuous logging and monitoring of temperature and humidity. Can able to connect 2 temperature/RH sensors.

The logger is available with a LAN or wireless LAN interface allowing connectivity through the LAN network to elproLOG software loaded on a PC. Data can be saved on the PC or on the server.

Multiple level alarm features are built in for local or network alarming. The device offers a high level of data safety as it has an internal Lithium battery which ensures that, in the event of a power failure, all the logged data is retained and the internal clock keeps running.