Decontaminant mat "Strap-Tap":

Dust and particle-collection multi-layer mats to prevent contamination - CE Certification - 30 peel-off layers of LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene) - no cleaning is necessary because dirty - layers are simply peeled off Each layer is numbered to identify the number of remaining layers - the acrylic adhesive of the mat has an anti-bacterial action to prevent micro-organisms proliferation - PVC base with adhesive strips for the peel-off mat - self-adhesive strips to prevent slipping - intelligent packing to save space and to facilitate the extraction of the units from the original packaging - three different sizes available:

  • 450x1200 mm (the operator should stop on the mat) - it is used for trolley wheels decontamination
  • 600x1200 mm (one step of the operator is possible) - it is used in medium-high trafic
  • 950x1200 mm (two steps of the operator are possible) - it is used in high trafic blue colour (other colours available on request).