Colony counter:

viewer for colony counting - Plexiglas rest surface with cm graduation scale - cold-light indirect fluorescent lighting - magnifying glass adjustable for correct positioning - adapters for 60, 90, 100 and 120 mm diameter Petri dishes - complete with switch, electrical cable and plug - weight 2 kg - dim.: 230x230x100 h mm - power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz (counting pen not included).

Pen electronic colony counter - 4-figure digital display, sound alarm for end of count and reset button.

Decontaminant mat "Strap-Tap":

Dust and particle-collection multi-layer mats to prevent contamination - CE Certification - 30 peel-off layers of LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene) - no cleaning is necessary because dirty - layers are simply peeled off Each layer is numbered to identify the number of remaining layers - the acrylic adhesive of the mat has an anti-bacterial action to prevent micro-organisms proliferation - PVC base with adhesive strips for the peel-off mat - self-adhesive strips to prevent slipping - intelligent packing to save space and to facilitate the extraction of the units from the original packaging - three different sizes available:

  • 450x1200 mm (the operator should stop on the mat) - it is used for trolley wheels decontamination
  • 600x1200 mm (one step of the operator is possible) - it is used in medium-high trafic
  • 950x1200 mm (two steps of the operator are possible) - it is used in high trafic blue colour (other colours available on request).

Cleaning validation Swabs:

Tools engineered to deliver consistent and accurate sample recovery for cleaning validation for both specific (HPLC, UV-Vis, IMS) and nonspecific (TOC) analytical methods. The swabs are effective with a wide range of diluents. TX714K is also available in the TOC Cleaning Validation Kit.

Alpha® Sampling Swab

Polyester swab for HPLC sampling/cleaning validation

Large Alpha® Swab

- Polyester swab for cleaning broad surfaces and flat areas

Portable Gastec Detector System:

The Gastec Gas Sampling Pump is the first and only gas sampling pump to provide on-the-spot measurement of ambient temperature. Nextteq?s patented Thermal Ring is a paper-thin innovation encircling the base of the Gastec Gas Sampling Pump that accurately displays ambient temperature. The Thermal Ring saves time and reduces the risk of error by enabling users to conveniently correct for temperature variances on the spot.

RH & Temp Datalogger:

The long term recording of humidity and temperature conidtions is very important in storage, shipping, production processes, test facilities and many other areas. Once logged, the temperature and humidity data can be evaluated statistically. This provides valuable information on conditions that can have an influence on people, materials and objects.

The data loggers fulfil the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 4. They have a degree of functionality currently not achieved by any other logger while being highly accurate and easy to use. Data can be shown in graph or table form. A large range of interchangeable probes means simple maintenance and flexibility in different applications, and loggers are available in range configurations to suit most uses.

Data logger is a network-compatible 4-channel unit that has been designed for applications that require continuous logging and monitoring of temperature and humidity. Can able to connect 2 temperature/RH sensors.

The logger is available with a LAN or wireless LAN interface allowing connectivity through the LAN network to elproLOG software loaded on a PC. Data can be saved on the PC or on the server..

Multiple level alarm features are built in for local or network alarming. The device offers a high level of data safety as it has an internal Lithium battery which ensures that, in the event of a power failure, all the logged data is retained and the internal clock keeps running.

RH & Temp transmitter:

The new HygroFlex series is the latest development in HVAC transmitters for relative humidity, temperature and dew point. Based on AirChip3000 technology, the transmitters offer high accuracy at a low cost.

HygroMaxx transmitters use CMOS-Sens technology making the measurement more precise as the fusion of sensors and evaulation circuitry on one CMOS chip guarantees that the sensitive analog sensor signals can be amplified and digitized without noise. This design also allows for very short response times, low power consumption, high repeatability and offset stability.

A large display allows for easy viewing of the data. An intuitive menu on the device allows for easy setup. Based on whether the device will be installed in a room or a duct, a choice of 3 models are available. An integrated dip switch allows for the analog output to be switched from current to voltage or vice versa.

Head Space Oxygen analyzer:

Useful in research laboratories, production environments, and quality control applications within a number of industries including, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and biomedicine.

The stand alone system can be used for non-invasive and invasive measurements in oil, water and air, and also perform permeability analysis (OTR) for film, bottles and ?live? packages.

The GEN III 5000 incorporates all the unique capabilities of the current OxySense System line, with an array of NEW features from a slant-top, touch screen display operation to expanded temperature measurement range and real time graphical and test log display. The GEN III line products all comply with ASTM 2714-08 standards.

The GEN III OxyPerm? system is an add-on to the unique OxySense® GEN III 5000 solution, and offers accurate and timely oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing for films, bottles and finished packages at a price well below that of dedicated permeation systems available in the market today.

Invasive Head space Oxygen analyzer:

  • Analyzes oxygen in all types of vials / bottles
  • Battery operated (optional)
  • Range: 0.01 to 100% oxygen
  • Removable, low volume sample probe
  • Economically priced

Handheld Particle Counter:


  • ISO Cleanroom Certification
  • Filter Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Locate Contamination Sources
  • Process Verification, Validation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Portable Particle Measurements


  • 0.3 - 10 µm Size Range
  • 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) Flow Rate
  • View 3 Particle Sizes Simultaneously
  • Built-in Tilt Stand
  • Real Time Data Display
  • 128 x 64 OLED Screen
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Large 1,000 sample Data Storage Memory
  • 100 Location Labels
  • 50% Counting Efficiency per ISO 21501-4
  • USB Interface
  • On Screen Data Buffer Viewing
  • Internal Audible Alarm
  • Ergonomically Designed

Portable particle counter:

The built-in 5.7-inch (14.47 cm) color touch screen makes it is easy to configure and operate. The instruments can store up to 3,000 records of particle count data from up to 6 channels. All data can be quickly and reliably transferred to a computer, printed on the built-in thermal printer or transferred to a USB Flash Drive.

Multiple interfaces - Ethernet, RS-485, USB and USB Flash Drive - make communicating with these instruments extremely flexible. It can be used as portable instruments or integrated into a facility monitoring system.

It is the smallest 50 nanometer liquid particle counter on the market. Based on state-of-the-art technology and built by Lighthouse, it is backed by a two-year warranty and international support.

It uses the industry standard RS-485/MODBUS communication protocol allowing it to be easily integrated into facility monitoring systems or used as a standalone device.

Compressed air test kit:

  • Oil Mist, Water Vapor, CO, CO2, NO+NO2, H2S, SO2
  • Mandatory as per IP-2.1.1, USP-NF24, EP-2.1.6 & BP2007
  • Based on color change detector principals

Turbidity Meter:

  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • USB port
  • 7 languages
  • Backlit display
  • EPA and ISO versions


It is a bench top turbidity, chlorine and color meter with wide range and high accuracy. ISO unit also available. The meter meets EPA 180.1 for turbidity and EPA 330.5 for chlorine. The turbidity range is 0-4,000 NTU with a MDL of 0.05 NTU. The free and total chlorine range is 0-10 ppm with a MDL of 0.03 ppm. The meter can store 500 data points which can be downloaded to a computer, allows 7 different languages, and runs on rechargeable batteries or a USB computer/wall adapter.

Online TOC Analyzer:

The functionality for continuous automatic measurement has been added to the ability of the combustion catalytic oxidation/NDIR TOC-V Series to perform high-performance, high sensitivity measurement of organic substances. The On-line TOC can be used for Continuous automatic high-sensitivity monitoring of water samples such as pure water and tap water.

TOC Analyzer for Waste Water:

This instrument evaluates the extent of organic contamination in waster water discharged from factories and plants, and in public utility water sources, such as rivers and lakes, by using the absorption of ultraviolet rays. To fully bring out the advantages of its simple measurement system, this practical yet highly-reliable instrument has been designed with the emphasis on reduced maintenance and improved operator ease.

Microbial Air Sampler:

The Oxoid Air Sampler is a high specification instrument for monitoring the level of microbial contamination in pharmaceutical, clinical and food environments.

100% efficiency for 0.8 to 19.0 micron particle size.


Microbial Compressed Air Test Kit:

The “Test Air” microbiological gas sampler is a portable instrument for determining the level of existent microbiological contaminants in the compressed gas of an aseptic manufacturing operations. An official validation of the “Test Air” air sampler is required as the event of an inspection. The flow meter of “Test Air” should be calibrated by an official agency at regular intervals (usually every year). Official validation of the flow meter may also be performed by Galleon’s customer support service.


  • Use the device just for the indicated purposes.
  • The Device must be correctly used according to manual instructions, before starting any operation.
  • Replace immediately electrical cable when damaged.
  • Use original spare parts and accessories for any replacement.
  • If this device is used with extremely high pressurized gas you must connect to the inlet a pressure reducer in order to have a max of 4 bar to the inlet.

Industrial Filters


Air Velocity Meter:

The VelociCalc® Model 9565 series are portable, hand-held, Multi-Function Ventilation Test Instruments featuring a menu-driven user interface for easy operation in your local language. On-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions guide the user through instrument setup, operation, and field calibration. The 9565 also features an ergonomic, overmolded case design with probe holder and a keypad lockout to prevent tampering during unattended use. These instruments are available with or without a differential pressure sensor and are designed to work with a wide range of plug-in probes.


  • HVAC testing and balancing
  • Clean-room testing
  • Biological safety cabinet and laboratory fume hood testing
  • HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting
  • IAQ investigations
  • Thermal comfort studies
  • Ventilation evaluations
  • Process air flow testing

Features and Benefits

  • Best-in-class air velocity accuracy
  • Optional smart plug-in probes, including VOC, CO2, and rotating vane probes
  • Accommodates up to two K-alloy thermocouples
  • Large graphic display
    – Displays up to five measurements simultaneously
    – On-screen messages and instructions
    – Program for local language
  • Intuitive menu structure allows for ease of use and set-up
  • Multiple data logging formats
  • Blue tooth communications for transferring data or remote polling
  • Includes TrakPro™ and LogDat2™ downloading software with USB cable

Air Capture Hood:

The 8380 AccuBalance® Air Capture Hood is a multi purpose electronic air balancing instrument primarily used for efficiently taking direct air volume readings at diffusers and grilles. It features a detachable micro manometer which can be used with optional probes for increased flexibility in multiple measurement applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic design and ultra light weight for easy, one-person operation
  • Automatically senses and displays supply or return flows, saving time on the job
  • Back pressure compensation ensures accurate readings
  • Multiple hood sizes available for easy, cost effective use across multiple jobs
  • Detachable digital micro manometer offers flexibility to use in multiple applications
  • Includes Swirl X Flow Conditioner for use with twist or swirl type supply air diffusers


  • Test and balance contractors
  • Commissioning agents
  • Facilities managers
  • Health and safety specialists
  • Ventilation system installers

CleanRoom Fogger:

The CleanRoom Fogger™ is a DI Water Fogger designed for low cost, easy to use visualization of airflow and turbulence with on/off fog control in Pharmaceutical ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 9 areas, barrier isolators, Semiconductor clean rooms and around equipment. Fog visibility distance is based on airflow velocity and humidity around the fog. DI Water Foggers produce a 65 degree, visible vapor composed of microscopic DI water droplets (fog) at 8-10μm droplet size. The fog is as clean as the DI Water or WFI Water used. 16 Meg Ohm DI water is typical Di Water used, or you can use Distilled WFI Pharmacy water. The fogger cost is kept low for budget requirements. Ultrasonic transducers convert liquid directly to droplets.Low water sensors protect the transducers during operation. Also provided is a visible fill level indicator so the operator fills water to proper level for 60 minute operation. The CleanRoom Fogger enclosure is produced with a polypropylene material to provide a quick, easy wipe down of the fogger after use, while preventing fingerprints as encountered on instruments using SS enclosures. A handle is provided on top to provide easy carry of the fogger.


  • Pharmaceutical USP 797 & Semiconductor Applications
  • Polypropylene Enclosure: No Fingerprints as with SS, Easy to Clean
  • Create Fog with Di Water or Distilled WFI Water
  • Video Airflow Patterns, Air Migration and Turbulence
  • Use in Pharmaceutical Barrier Isolators, Glove Boxes & ISO 5 areas
  • Visualize Semiconductor Clean Room Pressure / Turbulence Issues
  • 6cfm of Fog for 60 Minutes Operation, Refill and Continue Fogging
  • Fill Level Indicator and Water Drain
  • Top Holding Handle Provides Convenient Carry of Fogger
  • Fog Curtain Tube, Optional to create a Fog Wall
  • Low Water Sensors for Transducer Protection

Aerosol Photometer:

High Resolution Graphical Display Menu-Driven Software Functions Automatic Zeroing and Ranging LED Light Source (Light Chamber) Reference Settings for Multiple Testing Reagents Retains Reference Settings When Powered Off Displays Upstream Ref. / Concentration Setting Stable at Low Concentrations of Aerosol (≥ 10ug/l) Probe Selectable Audible, Visual, Vibrating Alarms Plug and Play Probe – 11 foot length USB Interface. Lightweight Heavy Duty Black Aluminum Case Detachable Shoulder Strap Accepts Worldwide Operating Voltages Storage Area for Probe and Accessories.

Thermos Scientific RapID:

Manual microbial identification is now easier than ever. With Thermo Scientific™ RapID™ Systems and ERIC™ Software, you’ll experience faster identification,reduced turnaround time, visible color reactions and precise reporting for more organisms on more platforms. Designed exclusively for use with RapID Systems, the latest version of ERIC Software features an expanded taxonomy for unparalleled coverage and confidence. Now that it’s compatible with 64-bit computer systems, all labs can take advantage of easy-to-use, expanded databases—online or in CD formats.

Better reporting. More coverage. Advanced updates.